The Problem With Philadelphia Plumbing Permits

Apr 11, 2023 | Philadelphia Permits

It used to be so simple to obtain permits in Philadelphia and the local counties we serve, until the building fell down near 18th and Market several years ago. Lines are longer, some of he staff is still working from home post covid, and customer service is not important….. its not like you can go to a competitor. We have to play by the city of Philadelphia rules when it comes time to getting the Philadelphia Permit.
For obvious reasons you have to be a registered Licensed Master Plumber. Apprentice and Journeyman Plumber cannot obtain permits. The biggest obstacle that has to be hurdled next is the the registered plumber has to be current on local and federal taxes. Current liability, auto, and workers comp insurance. The plumber then has to be fluent in the archaic Philadelphia eclipse system which can benefit from a major overhaul. Once you pass those hurdles, you can now stand in line, pay the fees, and do the dance and hope the city has
your paperwork in order, because all of the departments do not communicate with one another. Forget about same day appointments, and pack a lunch before calling to make an appointment, you will be on hold for a while.

We see time and time again, investors and home owners making decisions based on price. They are convinced they hired the right guy, and job may be running smoothly, until…… you guessed it. Its time to produce the permit or have an inspection. Once electrical and other mechanical is in place, you cannot sheetrock until the plumbing has been inspected. Let us save you time and frustration. Our team can make sure the plumbing pass inspection and obtain required Philadelphia, Lower Merion, Del County and Horsham, Pa Plumbing Permits.
Where we see most Investors going wrong, and how we can assist in getting your plumbing project complete on time, with permits in hand.