Permit Consulting


Master Plumber Helps Contractors And Investors Pull Plumbing Permits, Without The Bull

We have been working diligently behind the scenes for years pulling permits, so we finally created a platform to make it easy to get the process started. Our focus is residential plumbing permits for Philadelphia and surrounding areas. We can typically have the permit in hand within 3-7 business days. We can also assist with completing the plumbing work, and or site visits to prevent the problems shown below.

The City of Philadelphia now offers a plumbing permit called an EZ Permit.  This is because it’s easier to get than a normal permit (Believe me , its still not easy).  Philadelphia EZ Permits are the source of a lot of confusion for contractors.  We will try to unravel the headaches that come from dealing with the city of brotherly love. And please do not confuse this with what is called a general minor permit.

During our inspections these are the problems we encounter (and have to fix) before jobs can pass: