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Comprehensive Mold Inspection and Testing by Precision Plus

Mold Remediation SERVICES

Why Choose Precision Plus?

Precision Plus is not just any mold remediation company. We are the only service provider in New Castle County, Delaware, certified to handle Plumbing, Restoration, and Mold Removal. With over two decades of experience, our approach combines the expertise of a master plumber on every call, detailed property inspections, and advanced moisture and temperature diagnostics. 

Our services are tailored to address the unique challenges of your property. Precision Plus’ commitment to excellence ensures your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Inspection and Diagnostic Services

At Precision Plus, we understand that effective mold remediation begins with a thorough inspection and accurate diagnosis. Our services include an exterior property inspection, detailed checks for water intrusion, and precise moisture and temperature readings, all culminating in an extensive 7-12 page report. Our use of ionic visual inspections allows us to detect mold presence accurately, ensuring that our remediation strategies are both targeted and effective.

No Pressure, Just Precision

We stand by our promise to deliver unparalleled service without the pressure of sales tactics. Precision Plus is committed to transparency and integrity, with a focus on providing the best possible solution for your needs. From the moment you call, you’ll experience the difference, with free phone consultations and advice from our seasoned experts.

On-Time Appointments Guaranteed

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. Precision Plus guarantees on-time appointments, ensuring that our services are delivered with efficiency and punctuality. Whether you’re dealing with an urgent mold issue or seeking preventative measures, you can count on us to be there when you need us. We are always ready to restore safety and comfort to your home.

Over 20 Years of Trusted Experience

With more than two decades serving New Castle County, Delaware, Precision Plus has established a reputation for excellence in mold remediation. Our extensive experience, coupled with continuous training in the latest techniques, ensures that your property is in skilled hands. Trust us to bring our wealth of knowledge and expertise to every service call, delivering results that last.

Free Consultation to Start Your Journey

Begin your journey to a mold-free home with a free consultation from Precision Plus. Our team is here to provide expert guidance, answering your questions and offering solutions tailored to your situation. With no obligation and full transparency, discover how we can help you achieve a safer, healthier living environment.

Your Peace of Mind, Our Promise
  • Certified Comprehensive Care: As the sole certified team in New Castle County for plumbing, restoration, and mold removal, we guarantee a thorough and trusted approach to addressing your needs. We provide peace of mind for every project.


  • Expertise on Every Call: With a master plumber attending every service call, you can rest assured that your issues are handled with the highest level of skill and proficiency. We deliver solutions that meet the highest industry standards and your expectations.


  • Transparent, Pressure-Free Service: Our commitment to transparency ensures that you receive honest advice and recommendations. Coupled with our promise of on-time appointments, we create a stress-free experience where your satisfaction is our top priority.